Operational Policy

  • The integration of innovative technology
    Integrate and combine the science and technology from other industries with glass for creating new generation product.
  • The attitude of honesty and responsibility
    The honest, responsible, and explored attitude to work.
  • The service of perfect profession
    Will to share the professional suggestions of building plan and knowledge, as well as the speedy and accurate service.
  • The spirit of customer first
    The highest aim is met the wishes of customer.
  • The management of pragmatic and steady
    Follow the actuarial analysis of cost and benefit, and the management strategy of dependable and cautious.
  • Quality
    Increase the quality of product, decrease the defective fraction, and reduce the cases of customer complaints in order to offer the product satisfied customer.
  • Speed
    Increase the speed of production and delivery.
  • Service
    Improve the service attitude of the salesmen and staff.
    Improve the service quality of delivery of the logistics staff.
    Speed up the efficiency of service of the customer complaint processing.
    Explore the customer needs actively, and provide professional consultation and service.

  • Innovation
    Improve the added value of product, introduce the latest knowledge and technology to combine with product, and continuous innovation in order to satisfy the needs of customers.
  • Sharing
    Share the achievements of company operation with customers, colleagues and shareholders together.